Who are we

Company Director

Our Company Director, Martin Lloyd, is an elected Member of The Security Institute and a Member of The Association of Security Consultants.

To support your business, Martin brings a wealth of relevant experience, much of which has been developed within the covert and overt arenas of Counter Terrorism policing, including running a team of Counter Terrorism Security Advisors. The effective assessment of risk, identification of vulnerabilities and the implementation and management of proportionate mitigation measures were key to his successful career in this challenging, and high risk, environment. Having held a high level U.K. Government vetting status for a number of years, Martin's discretion can be relied upon when considering any vulnerabilities your business may have.

Additionally, we have access to a network of specialist associates who can provide detailed support to most aspects of any security related requirements you may have.   


SSLreviews.org is run by Senglea Services Ltd. a Limited Company registered with Companies House in London.

Senglea is a fortified town in Malta and the Senglea Point fortification is depicted in our Company logo. The inspiration for using Senglea has come from the fact that it was central to two of the bloodiest sieges in history: The Great siege of Malta in 1565, when it was attacked by the Ottoman Empire and the 1940-43 period where it was under constant attack from Nazi Germany. On both occasions Senglea, and Malta, had something others wanted (in this case, geographic strategic importance) and, against the odds, on both occasions did not succumb, surviving until the sieges were eventually broken.

Whilst, at Senglea Services Ltd, we would be a hesitant in providing you with a cast iron assurance that your business would be able to withstand being besieged by an invading army, we do believe that Senglea does suggest that most identified threats, however challenging, can be successfully managed with the appropriate planning, preparation and determination.

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