What we offer

Independent Security Reviews

We live in uncertain times. Your business has unique priorities and you need to protect against the threats you face, whether they are general threats from society or issues specific to you and your business. 

Our aim is to support you to accurately identify your security risks and vulnerabilities, and to help you mitigate against them, in a practical and cost effective manner. 

We will work with you to ensure that  security means more to your company than simply locks, alarms and cameras. Your security effort must concentrate on protecting your main vulnerabilities and become the responsibility of all members of staff. With the correct security strategy implemented, your business will be significantly more robust.

How will we work with you?

After a free initial consultation, and depending on your specific requirements and concerns, we can offer an overarching review of your security. This can be as strategic or as detailed as you require.

A review will consider many aspects, and can include:

  • Business specific threat and risk
  • Security management
  • Security Culture
  • Security related policies and processes (e.g. Business continuity plan, crisis management plan)
  • Security testing and exercising
  • Physical security
  • Personnel security (i.e. Staff related issues)
  • Information security (including GDPR)
  • Personal security (i.e. risks to specific individuals)

When the review is completed you will receive a written report, and we can consider requirements for further support as appropriate.